Top Monster Jam Trucks Of All Time

Monster Jam is a skills showcase to let top drivers compete in races, skills challenges, donut competitions, and freestyle events. It can get quite loud between the beastly roar of the engines and the loud cheers of the crowd. Fans get the loudest when their favorite trucks hit the floor for competition. Here are a few of the top Monster Jam trucks of all time.

Grave Digger

Image via Flickr by Beadmobile

Gravedigger is quite possibly the most well-known Monster Jam truck, known to many as the face of the brand. The phantom-inspired, green and black flame design is recognizable to just about any fan. Grave Digger has won four Monster Jam World championships and holds the record for the highest jump ever under the control of driver Krysten Anderson. Grave Digger took the racing title in 2004 and 2006, winning the freestyle title in 2000 and 2010.

Dennis Anderson created Grave Digger in 1981, originally built from a 1951 Chevy Panel Wagon. Drivers include Adam Anderson, Brandon Vinson, Krysten Anderson, Tyler Menninga, and Weston Anderson.

El Toro Loco

In 2001, El Toro Loco was introduced in Lafayette, Louisiana, featuring a red and yellow crazy bull design on the 5-ton beast. It started as a remodeled version of the Bulldozer but soon developed its own style and character, featuring 3D bull horns on the roof. El Toro Loco captured the freestyle title in 2004. Drivers include Armando Castro, Elvis Lainez, Kraig Champion, Lupe Soza, and Mark List.


Bigfoot was the first-ever monster truck that started the Monster Jam franchise. It was created in the 1970s by Brad Chandler from a Ford pickup truck. Chandler started off performing stunts in Bigfoot for live performances and taped events. Monster Jam was created in the 1990s based on the popularity of Chandler's stunts and skills in Bigfoot. Licensing disputes prevent Bigfoot from being showcased in current Monster Jam events, but fans still remember Bigfoot fondly.

Max-D (Maximum Destruction)

The apocalypse-inspired orange and silver paint job adorns this futuristic SUV to make Max-D one of the most striking Monster Jam trucks competing. Max-D is one of the most decorated machines on the circuit, with six Monster Jam World Racing Champion titles and five Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion titles. Tim Meents, a driver with 14 racing championship titles, debuted this beast in 2003. Drivers include Blake Granger and Tim Meents.


Megalodon was built in 2016 and debuted in Nashville, Tennessee, under driver Bernard Lyght in 2017. This Jaws-inspired truck holds the record for the most monster trucks ever jumped by another monster truck, at eight trucks, placing Megalodon in the Guinness Book of World Records. This truck is the latest addition to the Monster Jam series and took home the Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Central points championship in 2017. Megalodon is a fan favorite at pit parties, where fans can take pictures with the monster trucks and their drivers. Drivers of Megalodon include Bernard Lyght and Cory Rummel.

Monster Jam trucks are popular with fans because of their striking designs and their drivers' racing skills and daring stunts. Determining which truck is the best is a subjective question, and each Monster Jam fan may have a different answer, but everyone can agree that these are some of the top Monster Jam trucks of all time.

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