Why do I need a salary card and how to apply for it

The EUR salary card is an instrument that is used to receive salary or other payments in EUR. The Euro is one of the most widely used currencies in the world and many employers prefer to pay salaries in this currency. Here are a few reasons why a EUR payroll card can be useful.
Convenience. If you work abroad or receive a salary from a foreign employer, the Weststein virtual card in euros can be very convenient for this purpose. You will be able to receive payments directly to the card and use it to withdraw cash or pay for purchases without having to convert money into another currency.
Savings on commissions. Converting money from one currency to another can be expensive, as it is accompanied by a conversion of exchange rates and taking into account bank commissions. If your salary is paid in euros to a salary card in euros, you can avoid these additional costs.

Safety. An individual salary card in euros can be more secure than cash. You do not risk losing or being robbed of the large amount of money you receive in cash. In addition, this service has additional security features such as PIN code and fraud protection.
Convenient access to funds. The Weststein Euro Prepaid Salary Card can be linked to your online banking or mobile app, making it easy for you to keep track of your balance and expenses, as well as make quick and convenient transactions.
Suitable for travel. If you are traveling within the Eurozone, payroll details in Euro can be very convenient, as the Euro is accepted in most European countries. You will be able to use your details to pay for hotels, restaurants and other expenses in different countries without having to change currencies.

Instructions for issuing a Weststein salary card

To apply for a salary card, you will need to go to the service website or mobile application. Thanks to convenient functionality, each user will be able to find the desired function and register.
To do this, you will need to enter a phone number and email. Also, users should come up with a password, study the rules of the service and agree to them. After that, the client will be redirected to his personal account. Here he will be able to issue a virtual card in just a few clicks. To open all the functionality, you will need to verify your account.
After considering the application, the user will be able to replenish it in any convenient way and use it for personal purposes. At the moment, the service offers to order a salary card only in virtual form.
Following this detailed instruction, you will notice that ordering a Mastercard prepaid card is quite easy, simple and fast. If you have any questions, you can contact Weststein support.

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